sabato 7 gennaio 2012

Dry Fit

§ L'Epifania è una festa simpatica, mi è simpatica la Befana e soprattutto avere un giorno libero infrasettimanale è un vero lusso.
Una vera festa che ho sfruttato nel migliore dei modi, ossia tagliando le pareti interne e le aperture per le porte della Casa Rossa :o)))

§ Epiphany is a holiday which I truly like , more over a day off in mid week is a real treat.
A true holiday which I used in the best of ways , that is cutting the inner walls and doors openings of the Casa Rossa :o)))

§ Questo è il terzo piano della Casa , il più complesso con le sue tre camere da letto, due bagni, una cabina armadio ed un pianerottolo.
Se fai le cose in piccolo tanto vale sognare in grande ;o)

§ This is the third floor of the Casa , the most complex with its three bedrooms, two bathrooms , one closet and a  landing.
If you make mini things it is worth dreaming big ;o)

§ Questo è il pianerottolo , il grande "buco" quadrato corrisponderà alle scale. La porta di fronte è la porta del bagno dei ragazzi.

§ This is the landing , the big square "hole" will be taken by the stairs. The door in front is the kids' bathroom door.

§ Il bagno , piccolo ma conterrà una grande doccia e avrà una porta scorrevole.
§ The bathroom, it's small but it will contain a big shower and it will have a sliding door.

§ La porta a sinistra è quella della camera di una ipotetica bambina mentre il foro frontale conterrà la porta della camera di M.

§ The door on the left belongs to a hyphotetical little girl while the front opening will held M's room door.

§ E questo è l'uomo senza il quale nulla di tutto questo potrebbe esistere , il capomastro e grande ispiratore, il mio Papà.

§ And this is the man without whom none of this could exist , the headmaster and great ispirator , my Daddy.

20 commenti:

cockerina ha detto...

ma che bella, è strutturata come un vero appartamento!!!
e il tuo papà ha la faccia simpatica :)
sono felice di vedere i primi progressi, finalmente!!

Linda Carswell ha detto...

What fabulous progress you and your father have made!!!

It looks huge, so we will be treated to seeing many (many) rooms develop and grow....can't wait.

Linda x

Johanna ha detto...

Oh my!! What a wonderful project!! Lots of space and I´m sure it is going to be filled with beautiful things and amazing details! You have a talanted dad, no need to ques from where you have got you´re gifts!! :) The last photo is so great!

anna ha detto...

Great!!!! It will be perfect! What a wonderfull photo of your father!!! You are very lucky and blessed!

Sans! ha detto...

*waves at Papa Rolla!

Your dad looks great Ro :). And you really make me imagine what each room can be like. There was a major Rosanna moment this evening (did your ear itched? Or the eye twitched?) when I was shopping at my sister's. They are having a huge sale :) and I had to grab some stuff for you.

Write me and let me know if there's a baby room in this house, ok?

The Old Maid ha detto...

I love the last photo!:)
The house sounds more like Mansion! Can't wait to see all these bathrooms and bedrooms!

Lucille ha detto...

Rosanna, for some reason, I am not getting your father's photo. I'm so disappointed. I can't understand why that is. I am getting the last photo twice. Your house is an exciting project. You will be kept very busy for the coming years! You will have so much enjoyment while tackling this gigantic project.

MelyMel ha detto...

Che bravo che è tuo papà!!! Il mio taglia le cose un pò a modo suo, ma alla fine riesce sempre a farmi contenta e a rimediare...del resto le fa con amore, questo per me è più importante della sua (mancata) precisione!
Ho letto che è il terzo piano?
Deve essere una casa lussuosissima!!
Un bacio e buon fine settimana,

miniacollection ha detto...

Like many I love the last photo. It must be wonderful to build the house with your dad.
It is a wonderful project. Will you have walls all round the house, will they all open? I wonder what you will do to be able to see all the rooms inside. a bit of a technical question, but it's a question I ask myself concerning my future house.

Lucille ha detto...

Oh, Rosanna! This is too funny. I came back to have another look at your photos and I noticed your father taking a peak through the opening of the door. I had missed that at first. Very nice! He seems like such a kind man! You're very fortunate to have him with you!

Maria Ireland ha detto...

What a fantastic way to spend time with your Dad. He looks like he is enjoying it. Cant wait to see more.
Hugs Maria

Daydreamer ha detto...

Oh YAY Rosanna! This is Looking GREAT in BOTH senses of the word! You are making a GREAT project... Lots of rooms and complex layout! This will be very exciting to see you build all the details! And having your Wonderful Dad help you is Just the BEST thing in the World!!!
I am so Happy for you that you are finally Building your Casa Rossa!
Happy New Year!

Patrizia ha detto...

Rosanna ma e' fantastica!! E devo dire che hai un papa' altrettanto fantastico!!!
Anche io sono in fase di costruzione, vieni a vedere!!!

Nina in Germany ha detto...

How exciting.
I look forward.

Cote ha detto...

Felicidades por ese proyecto, me encantará ver los avances!!

Ara ha detto...

Looks like a fun project! I love when you can make your own room without being held back by a kit! Cute pic of your dad too! hugs, ara

Plushpussycat ha detto...

How exciting, Rosanna! Your dad is a sweet man, and you are very lucky to have him! :-) Jennifer

Daniela ha detto...

anch'io coinvolgo spesso il mio papà...e che diverte più lui di me! :D aspetto l'evolversi della meraviglia!!!

Carolyn ha detto...

I am so happy for you. Your own house and built by your father. What great news. Let me know if there's anything from the U.S. you might need to help you. Good to see you, looking good, and your father, nice.

Catherine ha detto...

I am so excited for you. Building it with your father will make it all the more special!!! It sure is big. ;-) Lots of room for collecting and making beautiful things.