venerdì 6 novembre 2015

I pesci vanno a scuola ....? - Schooling fishes

§ Queste immagini non sono mie, sono di Brae del blog Otterine's Miniatures.
La conoscerete come la fantastica miniaturista che è.
Il suo lavoro ha del miracoloso ! più di una volta vedendo le sue fotografie ho pensato di guardare "vere" case.
Ma le sue sono VERE sul serio e la sua abilità è incredibile.

§ These pics aren't mine, they are Brae's of the blog Otterine's Miniatures.
You surely know her for the fabulous miniaturist she is.
Her work looks like a miracle ! most time looking at her photographs I was fooled and thought they were "real" houses.
But her houses are REAL for sure and her craftmanship is unbelievable.

 § Qualche tempo fa ha postato sul suo blog queste immagini di cui mi sono innamorata ed ha annunciato di aver messo in vendita il quadro della foto

§ Some times ago she posted these pics on her blog and I fall for them. Meanwhile she announced that she has decided to sell the canvas on the photo.

§ Indovinate chi se lo è aggiudicato ? :o))))
Non vedo l'ora che arrivi a casa mia !!!

§ Guess who won the bid ? :o)))
I cannot look forward to having it here at home !!!

8 commenti:

Daydreamer ha detto...

Oh Rosanna! Congratulations on getting the picture! I Love Brae's work too and always look forward to seeing what she is making! I hope we will see some Casa Rossa pictures sometime too!

PILAR6373 ha detto...

has sido muy afortunada Rosanna!! Las miniaturas de Otterine son fantásticas,enhorabuena!!!

Mary Lynne ha detto...

Ciao Rosanna! It was fun to find this post about Brae because at some point, either during our visit or very soon after, something I saw made me wonder if you knew about Brae's site and her fabulous houses and buildings. For me, she is the probably the best designer, decorator, and finisher of dollhouses I have come across. Lucky you, winning one of her pieces - and looking at it and reading your note about it where you mention canvas, I'm still not sure - is it miniature or is it life-size?

Mary Lynne

Mad For Mod ha detto...

It's a beautiful painting!

rosanna ha detto...

Ciao MaryLynne
It's mini and it's lovely
As soon as I'll be able to take proper pics I'll show off your gifts
Who is a spoilt girl :-) ?
have a great day

BiWuBär ha detto...

You're one lucky girl for sure - congrats! What a beautiful piece... and noone looking at the first picture without having the background would think it's a miniature... I can't wait to see this piece in the Casa Rossa.


otterine ha detto...

Aw, you are all making me blush! :D Thank you so much! I hope it arrives soon!

The Old Maid ha detto...

Great work and congrats on winning bidding!
Hugs and kisses