martedì 20 ottobre 2009

lettino rosa - little pink bed

§ Tutto è nato da questa fotografia trovata chissà dove e chissà quando sul web.
Questo letto, con le sue forme morbide e un po' retrò, mi è subito piaciuto.
Francamente non avrei mai pensato di riuscire a replicarlo.

§ Everything begins with this pic found somewhere and sometime on the web.
This bed, with its sotf and old fashioned curves, has immediately become to me.
Truly I should have never thought that I could replicate it.
§ E invece ! mai dire mai. Mi sono ispirata a tutte quelle miniaturiste mani d'oro che ho incontrato nei blog e mi sono lanciata.
§ And instead ! never say never. I was inspired by all those miniaturists with goldenhands whom I met on the blogs and I have buried myself in it.
§ Questa è la struttura, tutta di legno massello e tutta tagliata a mano.... Mercedes, ti ho pensato!
§ This is the frame, made in solid wood and hand cut..... Mercedes, you were in my thoughts!
§ Il materassino in situ.
§ The mattress in its position.
§ Una visione laterale
§ A lateral view.
§ E finalmente il lettino è pronto con tutti i suoi cuscinetti.
Se fosse vero sarebbe lungo cm 170, adatto ad una bimba fino ai 10 anni.
§ At last the bed is ready with all its pillows.
If it were real it would be 170 cm long, apt for a little girl up to 10 years old.

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Marsha @ Tattered Chick ha detto...

Oh, Rosanna, your little bed is just absolutely FABULOUS!!!! WOW WOW WOW you did an awesome job!!! I LOVE it!!! I want one!!! Beautifully done!


Texas Belle ha detto...

Rosanna, it's perfect! I actually like it better than the original. Beautiful work!

TINK - SONIA ha detto...

Rosanna your little pink bes is beautiful, I love your work!Sonia

Anneke ha detto...

that is such an adorable little bed! so cute, the color and the shapes are eyecandy, and I love tha matrass and pillows! Thanks for sharing

Lena ha detto...

Lovely little sofa/bed!
I think it is so sweet and I just love that pink pillows!


kathi ha detto...

How pretty! What a beautiful little bed! I love the pillow too! You've done an amazing job building it yourself! Bravo!!

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Rosanna, the bed is SPECTACULAR!! Just perfect and absolutely beautiful!

Evelien ha detto...

Your bed is just too pretty and cute! Nice work!!

groetjes evelien

synnøve ha detto...

You did it again.... made something perfect and adorable... super-cute pillows too :D!!!

Sandra Morris ha detto...

Oh this is just lovely! I'm planning to start a children's nursery room box and something like this would be perfect.

You've inspired me!

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Rosanna it is perfect!! An amazing little bed, well done!

Linda x

paola ha detto...

Che bello!!! E anche lo scaffalino del post qui sotto è delizioso!!
Questa sera ho fatto vedere a mia suocera il tuo blog e si è appassionata!!
Non credeva che fossero mobili in miniatura!
Sei guarita?
Un abbraccio

cockerina ha detto...

bello bello bello!!! quasi quasi è anche più bello dell'originale..
e pure i cuscini ci stanno una meraviglia!!!

ti abbraccio, Caterina

nikkinikkinikki72 ha detto...

Hi Rosanna. Your bed is fantastic and so well made. Its very clever too!
I love it!

Nikki xxx

Susan@minicrochetmad ha detto...

Perfect!! You are so clever!


Jill ha detto...

Rosanna, your bed is wonderful!!! I love all those pillows piled on top-- every little girl would love to have a bed like that!

Begoña ha detto...

I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!Wonderfull, i'll easily put this on my house, and i'm meaning my real size house, it's amazing!!And the cushions..ooooooohhhh, the perfect final touch.

Debbie ha detto...

Brilliant Rosanna, your little bed is beautiful. xx

Lize ha detto...


Unknown ha detto...

You did a wonderful job Rosanna,it is such a cute bed with all the beautiful pillows....SUPER!


Tallulah Belle ha detto...

Rosanna it is beautiful...I'd love a bed like that for myself :-)

Tallulah Belle ha detto...

p.s those pillows are very similar to my logo :-)

minire71 ha detto...

Che dire gioia veramente delizioso, piacerebbe in scala 1:1 alla mia bimba.

Bacioni Irene

dalesdreams ha detto...

The bed is lovely, you did a great job! :)

Norma Bennett ha detto...

It's adorable!!

Sans! ha detto...

ohhhhhh, how did I miss this bed!!! Genius! So perfect!!! So there's a little girl's room? I think after this, there is absolutely nothing you can't do, Rosanna!

Mary Lynne ha detto...

Bellissima!! (is that the right word?) :) You must be really proud of this project...

Flor ha detto...

Hola Rosana! Es que todo lo que esta aquí ¡es precioso!!Ya soy tú seguidora ( ;
Y esta banca ¡esta genial!